Since goats are a herd animal they should be sold in pairs. If you already own a goat,sheep or donkey ect. as a companion, we will discuss that further to make sure the goat is going to a great home. It is very important to us that our goats are well looked after!

We register all our goats before they leave our property. When you pick up your goat we will give you

the registration with the signed transfer of registration form.

We do not disbud(dehorn) our goats, if you are wanting this done please inform us at time of contact

so we can discuss this further with you as it needs to be done very soon after the kid is born.

Pet quality goats will probably not be registered unless requested by the buyer.

If you are wanting a buckling as a pet please let us know as we require full payment before we wether him.

There will be a $100(MGR) non-refundable deposit & 

$200(MGR & MSFGA)non-refundable deposit to hold a goat,

if the deposit is not received within 2 days the goat will be back on our FOR SALE List.

We accept Cash, E-transfers, Money orders.

Payment must be made in full on or before pick up day before the goat will be released.

Goats can be picked up between 8-12 weeks old depending if the goat is ready for it's new home.Once we determine a pick up day, the goat needs to be picked up within the week unless other arrangements have been made!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel a sale, at our discretion, at any time, and your deposit will be returned to you!

If paid in full prior to arranged pickup day, we will hold the goat for you up to 7 days ,unless prior arrangements have been made. Goats not picked up after the 7 days, may remain the property of Chinook Fainters.

Once a deposit and/or payment as been made, you will be provided with a receipt and an updated payment.