What are Myotonic Goats?

Also known as Tenessee Fainting Goats , Stiff Leg Goat, the scared Goat or the nervous goat. They got their name from a peculiar condition known as myotonia congenita. When the goat is scared or surprised, all the muscles become completely stiff for about 10 seconds, especially the legs. Because of this the goat will stop moving, fall over or look like it has fainted but never loses conciousness. This condition is genetically inherited and is not harmful to the goat at all, it is just natural.

This goat is a medium sized breed and because of the myotonia congenita the muscle mass is increased overall and gives it quite a distinct conformation. Also the head and facial features are very characteristic in the goats as its eyes seem to be wider set with also a bug or pop eyed look. The ears are horizontal with a sort of dip further down along the ear, making it look like it falls towards the front.

This great breed of goat had me interested in the first minute, and it is an all around amazing goat. Whether you are interested in the breeding aspect, as I am, milk production or meat. From the early 1880 when this goat came about, it was mainly raised as the Tenessee Fainting goat for meat. But, as I have learned they also make the most amazing pets. They are so docile, friendly and sociable. They are easy to handle and easy keepers, parasite resistent and they make me laugh and smile everyday! Hope someday you'll be able to own some too:)

Now we are on a new adventure and also have added

some beautiful miniature silky fainting goats to our herd! They have the same great qualities as the Myotonic Goat but have some beautiful long coats of silky hair.

A lot of them are naturally polled(which means no horns or have been disbudded). Most of our goats have horns and we like the look of horned goats but these silkies are quite the unique look. The look is much like a Silky Terrier with long beautiful silky hair. The breed came about in the early 1990's and has some 5600+ miniature silky fainting goats so far registered in the world. We are very excited for our kidding season in 2017 for our Myotonic and new Mini Silky Kids that will be arriving.

Chinook Fainters- Dean and Anja Moore

 Dean and I are hoping we can raise some of the best myotonic goats and keep this rare breed growing for other people to enjoy!

With a variety of goats to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find some that will make you as happy as they have made our Family! Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website.